Day Services

FNE’s day services include both vocational and recreational activities, primarily those that take place naturally on and around a farm. Day services are based both at Rosewald Farm in Hillsborough, NH and at Redberry Farm in Epping, NH. People participating in FNE’s community are encouraged to explore all of the possible activities. Their individual schedule of activities is determined based on their interests and abilities. FNE’s day services are certified by the state of New Hampshire for adults who have developmental disabilities.


  • Days and Hours of Service: 9:00am – 3:00pm, Monday – Friday, year round, except for 10 holidays.
  • Staffing: The mentor to farmer (staff to individual) ratio is determined based on the individual’s needs. Those who are able to work and recreate safely and productively in the farmstead environment in a group of 4 or so. Those who need closer supervision may be in a group of 2, and those who need 1:1 assistance receive this level of support.
  • Transportation can be provided between individuals’ homes and the farmstead within a radius of approximately 15 miles.
  • Lunch is a substantial, nutritious meal that everyone helps to prepare using our own produce whenever possible.
  • Vocational day activities include:
    • Caring for animals
    • Gardening
    • Making crafts
    • Housekeeping
    • Cooking and baking
    • Operating the farm stand
    • Operating the petting farm
    • Weaving
    • Woodworking
  • Recreational day activities include:
    • Art & Music
    • Swimming
    • Hiking
    • Cross country skiing
    • Snow shoeing
    • Special Olympics
    • Group games & sports
    • Yoga


In Hillsborough, we now have 7 distinct activity rooms and 2 greenhouses in addition to portions of the original main house where we eat lunch together. There is plenty of room for people to spread out and engage in a variety of activities. Our new activity rooms are also giving us the opportunity to open studio space to the great community for lessons in yoga, weaving, and other crafts. In Epping we have also expanded our indoor space for crafts and sensory needs.