Residential Supports

FNE’s residential supports focus on daily living skills such as meal preparation, laundry, grocery shopping, and helping people to enjoy their leisure time.

We have developed a residential model that provides each person with his/her own one bedroom apartment within a cluster of apartments on the farmstead. Each building is designed with four one-bedroom apartments surrounding a common room and are ADA compliant and handicap accessible. Each building is staffed in accordance with the needs of the individuals living there; most have live-in staff who help with over-night supervision. These apartments give each person maximum privacy and the chance to be as independent as they are able while also having as much support as is needed for safety and the companionship of friends nearby.

Due to the high demand for our residential services, we are working to develop new opportunities. Initially we will rent houses which we will use to provide residential supports to additional people while we work to develop additional permanent housing.

  • Semi-Independent Living is available for people who are able to live fairly independently. This includes the preparation of simple meals. Help is provided for things such as budgeting and decision-making. Transportation is provided, as needed, for appointments, shopping and recreation. We do accept Section 8 housing vouchers.
  • Supervised Living is available for people who need more support. This support can range from a few hours a day for help with things such as meal preparation and taking medications to 24-hour support with assistance in all areas of personal care and activities of daily living. The mentor:farmer ratio can range from 1:3 to 1:1 as needed. Overnight supervision can be either a sleeping or an awake position based on the individual’s needs.