Take a Tour

We receive numerous requests for tours and information on how to start a farmstead.  While we want to help others by providing as much information as possible, each hour we spend doing this takes away from the time we can spend doing the essential tasks of running the farmsteads we have.  Thus, we instituted the following practices:

  • Tours & Information for Families who are hoping for services in the near future:  If you have a family member interested in day, residential, or respite services in the next six months and we anticipate an opening, we will be happy to arrange a time for a personal meeting at either location to discuss your particular needs.
  • Tours & General Information:  We will give informational tours in group settings at predetermined times to anyone who is interested in seeing the farmstead and gaining some general knowledge about our farmstead model. Tours are generally offered on one Wednesday morning and one Sunday afternoon each month at Rosewald Farm in Hillsborough. Contact the office for dates and times.
  • Consultation:  For those interested in starting a new farmstead in their area:
    • We are interested in developing additional farmsteads in the New England area in the future.  While we are not ready to launch a third farmstead at this time, we are collecting names of families or agencies interested in establishing new farmsteads under the Farmsteads of New England, Inc. umbrella.  When growth in our current two farmsteads has stabilized, we will begin working to help others develop farmsteads without having to “reinvent the wheel.”  We currently have families in MA, CT, and VT (as well as the nearby states of NY & NJ) who have expressed interest in starting farmsteads in their states.
    • Consultations can be arranged at the rate of $100/hr to families or agencies outside of the New England/Northeast area who are interested in starting their own farmstead but would like to spend time with our founder learning from her experiences and receiving guidance from her.