Transition Services

Agriculturally Related Vocational Training

Students learn general work skills such as following instructions and attending to task while also learning specific skills related to agriculture and farm life such as care of animals, gardening, making items such as jelly and pickles, and selling the items they produce.

Daily Living Skills

Students also have the opportunity to practice life skills such as meal planning, grocery shopping, cooking lunch, baking, washing dishes, sweeping, vacuuming, and doing laundry.

Community Involvement

Students are involved on a daily basis with the greater community learning skills related to shopping, volunteering at various locations in the community, using the library, and taking art classes.

Social Skills

Students have numerous opportunities to develop their social skills both in natural environments and in structured social skills sessions. We focus on teamwork and developing friendships.

Health, Fitness, and Recreation

We believe in the value of developing a healthy lifestyle that includes not only eating nutritious food but also exercising. We help students to participate in activities such as playing soccer and basketball, hiking, swimming, using exercise equipment, snowshoeing, and yoga.