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Farmsteads of New England, Inc. (FNE) is a human services agency that has developed an intentional farming community that caters to the needs of people who have autism and other developmental disabilities. We provide our programs' participants with meaningful work and numerous opportunities for recreation and socialization.

Our farmsteads are located in Hillsborough and Epping, New Hampshire. Here we provide a natural setting for concrete, meaningful activities that many people find satisfying – growing crops, raising animals, enjoying nature. Additionally, our programs provide the opportunity in which to live a holistic lifestyle, one in which activities are interrelated and life makes sense.

Mission Statement

Farmsteads of New England, Inc. (FNE) was created to provide a farming environment that is conducive to a meaningful and satisfying life for people who have autism and other developmental disabilities and who are seeking a holistic lifestyle that supports their vocational, recreational, and residential needs. FNE is a 501(c) 3 tax-exempt nonprofit corporation.

We are a particularly appropriate choice for people who prefer a rural setting over an urban lifestyle and/or for people who are not experiencing success/fulfillment in the more common mainstream community-based programs and competitive employment situations.

FNE was founded by Deborah DeScenza, M.Ed. Deborah is the mother of a child with significant special needs and worked in the field of special education as a teacher, program coordinator, and consultant for almost twenty years prior to founding FNE. For more information about our programs, please contact us today by telephone or email.